Best Alternative of Google Adsense

When you are thinking about how I make money online and then you try to find answer of this query on any search engine (google,yahoo,bing),And you will find Google adsense is Best program to earn money from online, But not every one is so lucky because there are some policy and rules form Google Adsense program for approval of you Adsense Account(so that your account is not banned).
There are many blogger and site owner who are not able to put google ads on their blog or website, then this bloggers try for alternatives of adsense program for making money online.
Here is the list of some best alternative of Google Adsense program So by using it you may earn online And there are also some program which can you run along with Adsense program and earn some extra money from Online.

Top Alternatives of Google Adsense

1) Adbrite

Adbrite is also the most popular ad networks after Google Adsense to make money online. The most efficient feature I like about Adbrite is, approval and rejection of each advertisement in users’ control before it’s displayed on their websites or blogs. Adbrite offers ads by content, banners, in-line text ads(such as Kontera or Infolink), and full page ads. To make money through Adbrite, You need to register with their website and they will your website/blog withing couple of days.

2) Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is another good alternative of Google Adsense. It’s somewhat similar to Google Adsense and offering you only contextual and feed advertisements. Their ad formats look such as Google Adsense ads. The most important thing I like about Bidvertiser is that they offer your ad space to the highest bidder. So Bidvertiser could be a good choice for you. However, these ads cannot be used along with Adsense but it could be a great choice if you are not having an adsense account.

3) Infolinks

In-text ads (also called inline ads) are presently on the edge of becoming standard practice. Infolinks is leading the in-text ads providers. Upon a mouse hove on double-underlined links, a small bubble holding an advertisement will be opened up. You will generate revenue when your visitors will click on those links


4) Kontera

Kontera is the second most popular inline text ad network. HubPages also allows revenue sharing using Kontera In-Text ads. You just need to add your Go in your HuPage Account, click on Affiliate Settings, add your Kontera Affiliate Code in the field of Kontera and you are done. Your blog will require good page impression to get approval in Kontera. However, they offers good customer support and pays on time.

5) Chitika

Chitika be a good alternative if your blog is all about review and promoting products. Does strong keyword research on a product your are going to promote and you will earn better with Chitika.

6) Clicksor

Clicksor is short of similar to Chitika and Infolinks. Cliksor displays ads depends on the search query that your visitors use to find your website. If you need money fast then Clicksor could be the best choice for you. It pays every 15 days to their publishers instead of every 30 days like most ad networks.

If you also known any Google adsense alternative, you can share it with our readers. I will really appreciate your feedback also.

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