How many AdSense ad Units can you put on a page?


As we all know Adsense is the most trusted contextual ad network. Using Adsense without violating its policies and guidelines is also very important. As a new publisher, there are many questions that come in mind, but here we are going to discuss the most common question. i.e How many Adsense ad units put on a page? many content publishers have this question.

Earlier you could put only three ad units on a Single page, But now Google lifted this limit for all publishers so there is no upper limit. Though it doesn’t mean you fill your web page with Advertisements it leads you to violet Google TOS and maybe they will permanently disable your AdSense account, So it is better to follow all the guidelines.

According to Adsense following conditions which are unacceptable:

  • Mirroring, framing, scraping or rewriting of content from other sources without adding value;
  • Pages with more advertising than publisher-provided content.
  • Automatically generated content without manual review or curation.
  • Hosted ad pages or pages without content.
  • Pages that don’t follow Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

While the limit has been removed, it is important to maintain the quality of your site and balance between ads and content to achieve a good user experience. Publishers should be focused on content rather than ads. Content must be original and should add value.

On a desktop device, you can place a maximum of 4-5  ad units in any of these sections like header, sidebar top, in-content, a sidebar sticky, and a footer ad unit for large content.

For short content like entertainment/image and gaming websites, it is recommended to stick to 3-4 ad units utilizing the header sidebar and bottom placement.

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