How to alter a WordPress username

A WordPress username is something that should be as funky, cool and stylish as the blog itself but most of the times they end up as “admin” which is set by default. Although during the first installation of WordPress, the WordPress CMS does ask the owner to set up a good username but most people remain unaware of the idea and let it set as “admin”. Not only does it invite troubles related to hacking but also online thefts. Thus, it is strongly suggested that one should set an appropriate username as soon as possible that if of course different than the default “Admin”. This article talks about two most specific ways by which one can go about changing the WordPress username.

First Method:

  • Log in the WordPress admin panel through the admin account.
  • Select “users” from the dashboard panel and click on “Add New User”.
  • Fill the user form that comes next and choose “administrator” in the role menu via the drop down. Also ensure that the password chosen is a strong one.
  • Once done, click on the “Add New User”.
  • Try to log in once again with the new admin username.
  • Go to the “Users”.
  • Tick the previous “Admin” username box from the list of users and then select “delete” from the drop down.
  • The next thing that would be asked is about the work that has been already posted under the previous username “Admin”.
  • Select the option that says “Attribute all links and posts to:” and choose the new admin password. Once ready, click on “Confirm Deletion”.
  • Ensure that the “display name” of the admin user is not same as the username.

Second Method:

  • Login to the cPanel and go down to the section which says databases. Click on the option that reads phpMyAdmin.
  • Choose the database in which the blog is hosted.
  • Select the table wp_users that can be found on the left side of the page.
  • The next step involved the editing of the username that is desired.
  • It is important to alter the user_login value to the desired one i.e. “Admin” can be replaced with “John”.
  • Hit the Go button to finalize it.
  • Visit the site and log in with the new chosen username.

Thus, these are the two most appropriate and proven methods of altering the WordPress username which is otherwise set to the default “Admin” since the beginning of the blog.  Owners also have to make sure that the usernames chosen are appropriate and the procedure followed is a proper one. A changed username would give a better impression and also do its bit in minimizing hacking threats. In the end, WordPress needs no introduction and is a highly popular blogging concept on the internet. These aids would only better the overall experience of the owner as well as the visitors and make it a safer operation.

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