The Top 10 Industries that Spent Big on Google AdWords in 2011

Companies use Google Adword for their advertisement campaign, currently 3 million businesses advertise on Google which are the major source of Google income. World all major Industries take adword as their major source of online Business marketing.

In this the finance and insurance industries were the biggest spenders of the year – and rest assured, finance companies wouldn’t be spending billions on Google advertising if they weren’t turning a profit from it. Insurance and loan companies were especially keen to acquire new customers through PPC – that’s because these industries make a killing off each new client.

The Top 10 Industries that Spent Big on Google AdWords in 2011

1.Finance & Insurance – $4.0 Billion (example keywords in this industry include: “self employed health insurance”, “cheap car insurance”, “credit cards for bad credit”)

2.Retailers & General Merchandise – $2.8 Billion (example keywords in this industry include “zumba dance dvd”, “proform treadmill”, “weber grill accessories”)

3.Travel & Tourism – $2.4 Billion (e.g. “new york hotels”, “plane tickets”, “rental car deals”)

4.Jobs & Education – $2.2 Billion (e.g. “accredited online college degrees”, “online certificate programs”, “unemployment benefits”)

5.Home & Garden— $2.1 Billion (e.g. “replacement windows cost”, “appliance repair”, “cabinet refacing”)

6.Computer & Consumer Electronics – $2.0 Billion (“ink cartridges discount”, “pc memory”, “online video conferencing software”)

7.Vehicles – $2.0 Billion (e.g “cheap hybrid cars”, “certified used cars”, “bridgestone tires”)

8.Internet & Telecommunications – $1.7 Billion (“pre paid cell phones”, “domain registration”, “cable internet providers”)

9.Business & Industrial – $1.6 Billion (“custom business cards”, “cheap office supplies”, “foam packing”)

10.Occasions & Gifts – $1.2 Billion (“funeral flowers arrangements”, “flower delivery”, “wedding gift registry”)

Advertising revenues from these 10 industries accounted for 60% of Google’s 2011 revenues. The remaining $14.4 billion in advertiser revenues came from other industries. (Just 4% of Google’s revenues came from non-advertising-related sources.).

This list also helps to new blogger who are searching for their blogging niche.This list provide some idea about the area where company compete for their online marketing campaign,After doing some keyword analysis you may achieve your blogging niche.

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