Top 10 Technolgy News Blog

In this post we are sharing top ten technology blog list with you. This blog list is useful for many new blogger, people who like reading tech blogs, these blogs create definition for blogging, all new bloggers can also inspire from this, here is the list.

TechCrunch – Bunch of news. Not always right, but always interesting and frequently first.

Venturebeat – A firehose of news about startups, innovation, and cool products coming in the tech world.

GigaOm – Some news, but mostly really smart analysis of the tech world.

ReadWriteWeb– Ditto above. Some news, lots of smart people talking tech.
Wired– Less about startups and the valley, more about tech and real life.

The Next Web
– Funnier, more lighthearted, but still great news.

Webware – News, always with a focus on “what does it mean for users?”

Mashable – Nowhere else to go for social media news, this one’s dominant.
Bits – Not a lot of exclusive content, but brilliant writers and smart commentary.

Reddit Technology – Not a blog per se, but a great source for tech news and other edifying and entertaining content.

If you also know some other blog related to technology please share with our readers.

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