“All the world’s a stage” and Bangalore is no exception!

The thriving theater scenario of Bangalore always finds ways to pleasantly surprise the connoisseurs who love the art. The lovely city again has a problem of plenty when it comes to picking between venues and plays since each one of them looks so promising and none of them fail to deliver. Bangalore’s cosmopolitan identity is known to welcome plays of all genres and types, in innumerable languages, resulting in a cultural feast of sorts for all the theater-lovers in and around the city.

Some of the upcoming theater plays to watch out for are listed here.

Chidiyon Ka Pinjra is a complex tale set in a village in Punjab and mainly deals with the human urge to escape. It touches upon various issues of human conflict such as sense of belonging, the notion of homeland, desperation, suffering, pain of loss and immigration among others. The idea of freedom seems to be background for the whole play. This is a Hindi rendition of Ramneek Singh’s Cage of Sparrows and directed by the man himself.

Where: Rangashankara, JP Nagar When: November 15 and 16, at 3.30 PM

Strangers: Collection of Plays is an interesting anthology of three short plays written by budding new playwrights. The Storm; The Falling Rose; and What! No..really? are stories, which revolve around primal human emotions like anger, revenge, redemption and moral dilemma. The synergy of the three plots combines to turn into a social commentary on present social problems and evils.

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Where: KalaRasa Art House in Jayanagar When: November 22 and 23 at 8.00 PM

Charandas Thief is being handled by Habib Tanveer at the Jagriti Theatre. This landmark play, which changed Indian theatre, is always a treat to watch. The tale is of a thief Charandas and his three silly promises to his master, which come back to bite him later. The play has won many awards both nationally and internationally and has been showcased many times all over India and overseas.

Where: Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield When: November 14 at 8.00 PM and November 23 at 6.30 PM

Gati is a critically acclaimed Kannada play by veteran artist and director Sethuram, who also plays one of its only two characters. The entire play consists of dialogues going back and forth between an unemployed girl and her retired granddaughter. It makes reference to various burning issues in life that are plaguing the country currently. The play shows the stark difference in attitudes of the two generations and shows how different people interpret the same situation differently.

Where: Rangashankara, JP Nagar When: November 14 at 3.30 PM

Trivial Disasters is a series of nine comic vignettes that focus on the mundane events of life and give it a hilarious twist. The stories are of normal people placed in normal circumstances, coming across something ridiculous and intriguing. The shorts begin in a rather simple fashion, focusing on seemingly ordinary things, giving you a false sense of banality, then suddenly delivering surreal and absurd shocks. The dialogues are witty and bring about the comedy in the play.

Where: Rangashankara JP Nagar When: Two shows each day on November 29 and 30 at 3.30 PM and 7.30 PM

Bangalore shall always remain a hub of the theatre due the enthusiasm of the crowd and also a free space it offers for both classic and new experimental plays. Hope you don’t miss out on all the action that is coming your way.

About the Author: The author is an electrical engineering by training and a penman by choice. Interested in anything new that life has to offer, he also writes for eventshigh in his spare time.

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