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best free iphone apps As we already posted the list of best Android App in our blog,now time to dealt some must have Free iPhone apps.
iphone is the device which create revolutionary impact in youngster life now people gt crazy about their iphone with this craze for iphone .Along with popularity of iphone the number of iPhone apps is increasing day by day.Now people involve this app in the this post we provide the list of some best Free iphone app which u can download free from iphone store.Check out the Best Free iPhone apps that you must have.

Wikipanion: Read Wikipedia Entries with this free wikipedia iphone app

• It helps in easy search, display and navigation of Wikipedia entries. Access of wiki has become very easy with Wikipanion.
• It features table of contents which helps the browser, multiple search methods, language switching and dual language changing ability, history of last visits with date, full in-page search and lot more. It is one of the best free iPhone apps for reading information in Wikipedia.
Download from iStorehttp:

Dropbox Free iPhone Apps for File Sharing

• Once you install Dropbox, the documents or files saved in it will be saved in your computers, iPad or iPhones or the Dropbox website.
• It allows you to bring your docs, videos and photos at a common place, and access them anywhere, anytime. It is one of my favorite app and I just can’t live without it.
It helps in offline viewing of your files. You can carry any files or folders on the go; e-mail attachments can be saved in the Dropbox too.
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Skype – Online Video Communication App for Iphone

• Skype is one of the best app that allows you to communicate with your friends. You can Call, Video Call or even message instantly to anyone on the Skype from your iPhone. It works on 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity as well.
• The Video calling is allowed for iPhone using iOS 4 or above versions and also you can send and receive message using your Front/Rear Camera of your iPhone 4. It is compatible with any of the H264 devices.
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Find My iPhone – Iphone App to Trace lost iPhone

• This is one of the must have best free iPhone apps that for your device which helps you to track your iPhone when you misplace it somewhere. This app not only helps you to find out your iPhone, it is capable of searching all your iDevices.
• You just have to install this app on another iDevice, enable it and sign-into your unique Apple ID and this app will help you to track out the missing device on a map and also you can remotely lock your iDevice from anywhere using this app or even remove the confidential data as well.
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Mog – Best Free iPhone Apps for Streaming Music

• It gives access to immense music library existing in the cloud.
• You can connect through Wi-Fi or stream using 3G or download tracks and save. It is a free application and gives a continuous flow of music while you have to fiddle in other applications.
• iPhone 4 users have the advantage of background streaming too and it is the best Music Streaming App for iPhone.
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