Facebook Launches iPad App and Mobile app Platform

Facebook the social network giant launch their most anticipated iPad app on Monday. Along with this now it provide support for social games on the mobile versions of its online service also introduce.
ipad user get experience of facebook on their pad also. now user can get notifications, chat, the News Feed, photos, messages, groups,settings and search on their iPad app.
Facebook iPad App, Mobile Platform
Facebook said the iPad app will offer enhanced photo-viewing capabilities and messaging capabilities.With their ipad app mobile user also get new experience when they are able to play facebook games on their mobile handset. Facebook users previously had to use their computers for most of their Facebook gaming and app needs, but now they should be able to play and participate from almost any device with a web browser — and they may get a better experience if it happens to be an Apple iOS device.
Now facbook user get similar experience of PC on mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone and Android smartphones will receive alerts in their newsfeed when their friends play certain games or invite them to play along with them.
Facebook said that the mobile versions of its website will now offer tighter integration with third-party social games and applications. Those games, such as Zynga’s Farmville, are extremely popular among Facebook users who access the service on their PCs.
But before running facbook games you should confirm that your mobile support HTML5.
If you are using an Android phone, you will be taken to an HTML5 version in your mobile web browser.
Facebook said the specialized iPhone app version of its service would not support its Credits currency, in accordance with Apple’s terms of service.

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