How To Convert Your Android Tablet Into A Working Laptop

When Android tablets were initially launched in the market, they were looked upon as being convenient devices that could only provide entertainment to their users. Android tablets were commonly used to watch movies, listen to music, play games, and for other similar functions. The users didn’t think of any other functions for the tablet.
However, now with advancements in technology, such tablets can be used for dozens of other purposes. The users, who were once in favour of using laptops and PCs over tablets, are now in favour of the latter, given the versatility, portability and simplicity of tablets, especially the Android tablets.


The Computer Chronicles
The Age Of The PC

The Personal Computer is most definitely on the list of useful gadgets that man has been able to invent. PCs have brought about a major revolution in practically every field of life, making it possible for people to save hours of precious time that would have otherwise been spent in activities like maintaining records and the like.

Laptops: Computing On The Go

Laptops revolutionized the way people computed, by enabling them to compute on the go. Laptops being much smaller than PCs, people could carry them from place to place, giving these devices an edge over PCs. Since laptops have high-capacity batteries, they can be used for many hours, without the need to charge them repeatedly. With the introduction of laptops into the market, PC sales suffered a tremendous loss.

Tablets: Simplistic Computing

In the recent years however, laptop and PC sales have been under threat, owing to the introduction of tablets in the market. Tablets have the benefit of being much more versatile, convenient, and affordable than laptops and PCs, along with the fact that they are easier to operate than other computers. Tablets take the emphasis away from input devices such as the keyboard and the mouse, making them very easy to handle, even for new users.

What Makes Android Tablets Awesome?

Android tablets can be used for a variety of purposes. They come with numerous useful applications, and don’t need to be rewired like other computers. They also don’t require hardware installations, making them extremely advantageous for users who aren’t too familiar with computers. They only need to be checked from time to time, so as to ensure that they are running properly, and the devices need to be kept secure, especially when browsing online.

How Can Android Tablets Replace A Laptop Or PC?

Given the excessive demand and sales of tablets, especially those that run on the popular Android operating system, these devices can easily perform tasks that were initially thought of exclusive to laptops and PCs. With Android sales set to beat PC sales, the world of computing could be redefined very soon.
Many people in various fields of work now prefer to use their Android tablets for computing, instead of their laptops or PCs. Many computer users are now looking at opportunities through which they can optimize their tablets, making them as beneficial as laptops and PCs.

Ways In Which You Can Convert Your Android Tablet Into A Laptop

Get All The Useful Apps

One of the greatest benefits of an Android tablet is that it allows a user to install numerous, highly-beneficial apps. Be it the Weather Channel app that allows a person to keep a close watch on the weather, or the Flick Note app that is highly suited for note-taking; you can install a whole bunch of apps on your Android tablet, in order to make it more productive.

Create Documents And Spreadsheets

ThinkFree Office for Android is a word processing application that can be installed on your android tablet, making it just like your laptop or PC software. ThinkFree Office for Android is capable of reading and writing MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint formats, making it an excellent choice for your Android tablet. This app can even double up as a PDF viewer!

QuickOffice HD Pro is another office-productivity suite for Android tablets, which promises to help transform your tablet into a working laptop. It supports Google Docs and its formatting is like that of Microsoft Office.

There are many other apps such as that can help you get your work done on the go.

Play With Photos Using Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch is an app for Android tablets that allows you to merge images, select portions of an image for extraction, and capture image elements that are hard to select. The user can also make use of images taken from the tablet’s camera, to fill a specific layer or area. These photos can then be uploaded on social networking sites such as Facebook. Adobe Photoshop Touch allows its users to view photo comments from the app itself.
Organize Your Home Screen To Make Your Work Easy
A tablet’s home screen is extremely important. If the home screen is cluttered with unnecessary icons, the user ends up wasting a whole lot of time sifting through icons to find what is really needed. So, to avoid such glitches, make sure that the icons for work-related apps are kept separate from icons for those apps that provide recreation.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

If the Android tablet is loaded with dozens of apps, it is sure to run much slower than it should. This could ruin your productivity to a great extent. To prevent this, the user must make sure that all unwanted apps are uninstalled. By doing this, the speed of the tablet is sure to increase by leaps and bounds, making it just as efficient as a laptop or PC. Also, you won’t be distracted from the work at hand.

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