BBC Hindi launch Android smartphone app

BBC World Service take one more step in its content availability in Hindi. For this BBC launch new free Android App in Hindi. Free app offers easy access to news content from BBC Hindi. This app available on Android smartphone v 4.1 and above.

BBC Hindi Editor, Nidheesh Tyagi, claimed, “The mobile audiences are growing steadily. The traffic to the mobile website has risen by more than 330 per cent in the past year, and accounts for nearly a third of our total direct traffic to the website – up from about a fifth a year ago. The development of apps such as these improves the user experience of a greater number of Hindi-speakers, wherever they are, as they come to the BBC news and information via their mobile phones.”

Stories, offered via the new BBC Hindi Android app, are arranged into categories, including Top News Videos and Picture Galleries, India, International, Entertainment, Sport and Science.
The BBC Hindi app can be downloaded from the Google Play store

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