How to fix most common issues in any android phone

An Android Mobile Phones are just like a boon to all of us. It makes our life so simple & help in making our work so easy. It helps in consuming our time. But from time to time we have to face some problems with our Android which are irritating and annoying to some extent. During past few days, I also had to face some problems with my Android and I tried to overcome them and after some efforts, I succeeded. Now I want to share those problems & its solutions with us.

Wi-Fi disconnected automatically

WI-Fi connections in your mobile may disconnect after some time of connection & we have to connect it again and again which is irritating and time wasting. So whenever it happens to u just do these simple steps as:

  • Go to “Settings” & then tap on WI-Fi
  • Now tap on more option in the right corner and select “Advanced”.
  • Now tap on “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” and a pop menu will appear, tap on “Always”.

If still your problem not solve then u have to check your router.

Automatic updating of apps when connecting to WI-Fi

This is one of the problems I had to face many times that whenever I connect my Android to WI-Fi my apps automatically started to update. I could not find the solution at all. But after lots of efforts, I was succeeded to resolve this. If u also face the same problem then try following solution:

  • Go to “Play Store” then click on the menu in the left corner
  • Now tap on “setting option”. Now u will see the Auto Update Apps” option
  • Then select “Do not auto update app” option.

Battery draining too fast

Most of the Android users face the problem of battery draining.  There are few reasons responsible for this such as screen brightness set as maximum,  running of background apps, WI-Fi, GPS etc. So to get rid of this problem we have to simply adjust some features or to stop apps running in the background, or u can also keep your phone on power saving mode.

Auto Correct Spelling

Most of the time we see that when we type a word our Android automatically correct the word or replace the word with another word. & what happens …corrected word is different from the word we want to type which is sometimes looks so funny. To get rid of this problem we have to disabled Auto Correct feature from the keyboard by doing the following steps:

Go to Setting>Language & Input> Android Keyboard> Auto Correction & Select “OFF”

When Phone does not respond at all

Sometimes phone unexpectedly stops running & not respond at all.  And we try to start it but it doesn’t.  If it happens to u, simply remove the battery of phone & after the sometimes place it back in the space provided. But there are some phones who have non-removable battery, in that case, your phone not responds at all simply shut down or restart your phone by pressing power button for a while.

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