Free Android apps for iPhone look

Free Android apps for iPhone look If you are android owner and also willing to have iphone or if you want to try an iphone in your hand.For that I have an cosmetic process for your android mobile here we provide the list of some free android apps that make your android phone as similar as iphone.Try this apps and feel the difference of iphone.lets check out this apps.

1.Handcent SMS
Handcent SMS is a theme-based SMS system which has an iPhone-fooling green and grey bubble conversation-based mode that looks just like the iPhone. It’s also more than just a pretty face, as it brings improved security and group handling too.

2.Classic Notes Lite

The classic yellow background and light-lined writing style of the iPhone notes app is a hard one to miss, but Classic Notes Lite riffs if perfectly even down to the font and adds a whole lot more, such as sharing notes via Twitter and Google Calender support.

3.Go Contacts EX & iPhone Theme

Go Contacts EX & iPhone Theme free is pretty special as it’s a replacement contacts app that can be themed with an excellent iPhone-style skin, which frankly ends up being far better than the iOS variant. If you’ve recently switched from an iOS device then certainly the other benefit in this system will have you feeling right at home.

4.iPhone Go Launcher EX Theme
iPhone Go Launcher EX Theme is a beautiful free theme for the excellent Go Launcher EX skinning and home-screen replacement system. All the default icons, dock and wallpapers are in place to provide an authentic iPhone feel. It doesn’t have as many icons as other themes here, which is a shame but everything else looks perfect.

5.iPhone Style Folder
iPhone Style Folder works much like a number of other Android desktop folder systems but takes the classy iPhone style of grouping mini-icons within. Works via the Widget system and helps you get your home-screens back under control.

6. LockBot
The rather rough and ready looking LockBot may lack a little style but in use its iPhone themed lock-screen does the job. Once you’re bored of fooling your friends it comes with a host of other styles to choose from including a Honeycomb one.

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