Motorola’s Milestone XT720 an Android with best Camera Features

Motorola XT720 mobile with 8 mp cameraMotorola’s Milestone XT720 launch its first Google Android 2.1 phone with an 8mp, xenon-flash camera. The new handset is the follow-up to Motorola’s original Milestone, which was hugely successful in America.
With a 3.7” screen and an HDMI port The main target of this handset to attract to those who love photo shooting and those who are music fan.
Motorola Milestone XT720 provide 10x digital zoom, a 720p HD camcorder and smart image capture, face detection option, multi-shot (six shots in a row), face filter, red eye reduction and camera shake prevention.
An 8gb memory card is also included Although the handset also includes Motorola’s Motonav satellite navigation, it does not run Android 2.2, the forthcoming, new version of Google’s mobile operating system that offers faster performance and runs Adobe’s Flash technology that is used on a significant number of websites.

Motorola declined to comment on whether the handset would receive the upgrade. No devices have yet been released that already run Android 2.2, although it was demonstrated at Google’s IO conference in May. The web giant has yet to announce any release dates.

You can Book your Motorola milestone XT720 at, and Clove from 11 June 2010.
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