New LG Cookie Zip with price tag 8,299 in India

LG cookie ZipAfter Success of Cookie pep LG launch it successor in last month now after this one more handset  on floor This handset is LG 510 But in India their name popular as LG cookie Zip With price tag 8,299.

LG Cookie Zip support all major social networking platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Orkut.Contains 2mp camera along this traditional feature Their New Features are  fast downloading speed and

Live TV using the EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) platform.

The LG Cookie Zip has 3 inch touch screen display and has various features like video messaging, video streaming, caller tunes, song ID and push to talk. LG Cookie Zip has internal memory of 72MB, and storage can upgrad up to 4GB.

“The Cookie Zip promises ultimate experience for the CDMA enthusiast. As the name suggests, the phone will enable our young mobile users to have an unordinary fun experience. It delivers all the essentials in communication, multimedia and entertainment in a delightfully compact form and enables us to realize how much more out there are we could do with the faster network by EVDO; 3G like technology in CDMA,” said Sudhin Mathur, Business Group Head, Mobile Communications, LG Electronics India.

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