Nokia Lumia 530: 5 features need to know

With the introduction of new Microsoft Windows Phone operating system, came in the new crop of Nokia Lumia devices running this new operating system. The previous device in this series, Lumia 520 has been quite a popular one. This dual core device running Windows Phone 8 has been one of the most popular devices in the series. It was sold at an attractive price tag and offered an impressive hardware for the price. Later the Lumia 525 was introduced which was essentially a Lumia 520 with more RAM. Now the Lumia 530 tries to take the spot in the series but this time the competition is tough. There are many other affordable devices in the market and very often we see impressive affordable devices. We take a look at the top features of this device.

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With a budget device, it is very important to get the pricing right. The Moto E was recently introduced in the market and it received good response. It was followed by a lot of other devices trying to beat it down. Not everyone needs a high end device and to handle the basic social networking and calling tasks, these budget devices are good enough. It comes with a basic quad core processor and has got 512 MB of RAM. This hardware won’t be very good for heavy gaming and resource hungry apps but would easily run your messenger and web browser. The price in India is expected to be something along the lines of 6500-8000 which is decent considering its hardware. However we were expecting it to come with better hardware. Especially with more RAM as the Lumia 525 already came with 1 GB of RAM. Also the Lumia 520 and 525 offer a newer Adreno 305 GPU as compared to the Adreno 302 on the Lumia 530. The camera retains the resolution of 5 megapixels but the 530 has got a fixed focus camera against the auto focus camera on 520 and 525. This makes it feel somewhat like a downgrade over the previous devices.

Crisp display

The Lumia 530 comes with a 4 inch TFT display. While the display size is same as the Lumia 520 or Lumia 525, the aspect ratio is slightly different. Against the 480 x 800 display resolution on the 520, this one has a resolution of 480 x 854. This is because some space on the screen is taken up by the on screen navigation keys. This has made the display slightly taller and there is no change in the overall length of the device. The pixel density has gone up a bit from 233 ppi to 245 ppi. The older device was a bit wider than the Lumia 530 but it was slimmer. The Lumia 530 is a whole 1.8 mm fatter than the Lumia 520 which is quite a lot. It is also a bit heavier at 129 Gms against 124 Gms of Lumia 520.

Windows 8.1

The device runs on latest version of Windows Phone operating system. The Windows Phone has been around for quite a while now and even though the earlier versions lacked a lot of features and were a bit confusing, it has evolved a lot by now. The later updates to Windows Phone added many features to the operating system and the Windows Phone 8.1 adds a whole list of features to the operating system.

The earlier versions featured solid colour background for the tiled interface. On this version, you can have a nice background for the interface instead of a dull solid fill colour. On the Windows Phone 8, you can have a maximum of 4 columns of tiles but on the 8.1, you can have 6 columns of tiles. And finally on this version, you can put your thumb on the bar on top and pull it down. This would reveal the notification center which is called the Action Center here. There are four tiles here that you can use for quick settings. You can choose what tiles you want to see here. The notifications are displayed below it. You get to choose what apps can send you notifications. While the software is improved, the app support is still questionable. Android and iOS are still miles ahead in terms of app support and this is the reason why we see a lot of apps on Android and iOS first and then they make it to Windows Phone months later.

Dual SIM

The Nokia Lumia 530 will be launched both as a single and dual SIM device. For the Indian market, we are betting big on the dual SIM variant. It supports micro SIM and a dual SIM device would be of great help to people who keep different devices for business and personal contacts. There are very few dual SIM windows phone devices out there. Even if you won’t use the dual SIM feature right now, it won’t hurt to have an extra feature for a possible future use.


Apple has got Siri, Google has got Google Now and Microsoft has got the Cortana for Windows Phone. It is one of the biggest additions to the Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana is a digital voice assistant for the Windows Phone devices. It pushes alerts to you and responds to your queries and voice commands. The verbal commands can handle a variety of operations like on other operating systems.

You can set alarms, add reminders, get weather forecast, know traffic status or simply search for anything on the internet. It keeps track of your messages and e mails so that the important information is delivered to you in time even before you ask for it. This client is a feature of Windows Phone 8.1 so the older windows devices that will be updated to Windows Phone 8.1 will also get this feature as a part of the update. Like most other clients of this kind, the Cortana is active for major part of your device usage for easy access.

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