Now Send Free SMSs bY JaxtrSMS Application

Jaxtrsms:send free sms application by saber bhatiaThe founder of Hotmail, Sabeer Bhatia has launched mobile application called JaxtrSMS. JaxtrSMS is the application that allow its users to send text messages all over the world free of cost.

The recipient of the SMS won’t be required to install the application to read the message. It is believed that the JaxtrSMS application will put competition to other messaging application like Whatsapp, in which users can only send free SMS’s within a specific area.

Those who are planning to install the application will be required to get a new number. The application uses WiFi or 3G/2G data services for sending and receiving messages. However, it has been reported that some features of the JaxtrSMS are missing like delivery report. A person sending messages through the application won’t be able to know whether or not the message has been delivered to recipient.
Besides, it has been informed that the message might be delivered to recipient a little late. It will take the massage two to 15 minutes to reach to its destination. Therefore, it has already been declared that the JaxtrSMS won’t be replacing the emergency calls and SMS.
Although the application sounds promising, it does have some drawbacks. It has been informed that the application can’t be shifted to SD Card.
A review conducted over the application has awarded it 4 stars for its services. The application has just launched and about 10,000 times it has been downloaded. The founder of the application, Sabeer Bhatia said, “The fact that our application has been downloaded by users across 197 countries in just a few weeks since our soft launch amply reflects our belief that JaxtrSMS will prove to immensely useful to mobile users across the world”.

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