Oppo F1: Selfie specialist for solo travelers

Selfies have become a very important part of modern life, especially for the young smartphone users. Some youngsters can’t think of a day (or even hours) when they are not clicking selfies and uploading them on social media platforms. Thus, the latest smartphone handsets are increasingly concentrating on heavy front cameras, while some even come with the same camera specs for both the rear and front ends to offer gorgeous selfies. While the premium smartphone models offer superior front facing cameras by default, now even the budget phones are increasingly offering powerful front facing cameras as well to offer stunning selfies and great video chat sessions.

oppo-f1-mobile-phone-large-1One such new affordable smartphone model which claims to be a selfie specialist is the new Oppo F1. The new F1 is an Android smartphone that is being marketed as the “Selfie Expert”. However, can the phone really live up to its promises? Let’s find out.

Oppo is not a very well established mobile phone maker as yet, but does have the potential to establish itself well if it can deliver some really capable handsets. The Oppo F1 is posed to be a boon for the selfie lovers. And though the smartphone can’t really compete with the high-end phones in terms of picture quality of the selfies, it can certainly please those selfie lovers who can’t afford or wish to invest a hefty amount on a premium phone just for the love of selfies.

The primary draw point of the new Oppo F1 is that is costs less than a quarter of the price of a premium phone, for example the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6, but is definitely much more worthy than its asking price. And this alone should be enough to seal the deal for many.

The Oppo F1 is also a superb phone for anyone who travels a lot and also travels solo. For someone who travels a great deal, say internationally without any companion, the Oppo F1 can be a great phone to carry around and serve much better than a fancy premium phone. This is because heavy travelers always tend to carry an affordable phone which might get lost or damaged. On the other hand, being the claimed selfie specialist the Oppo F1 can also click all the special moments at different spots.

The phone is also obviously superb for anyone who is in a long distance relationship, as one can easily always click and send selfies no matter doing what to one’s loved one. Not to mention the youngsters who are on tight budget, but wishes to flaunt a nice affordable phone that can satisfy their heavy selfie needs.


oppo-f1-mobile-phone-large-2The Oppo F1 comes with an 8 MP front facing “selfie” camera, which should be the first thing to be discussed, as we are talking about a selfie expert phone here. The Oppo F1’s selfie camera is actually good. The selfies of this phone are really crisp, vibrant and detailed which makes the picture quality pretty close to those taken from a much more expensive premium phone’s front camera. It can be said that the Oppo F1 offers superior selfies which are almost as good as the selfies taken from the latest iPhone or equivalent. The camera with f2.0 aperture comes along with a selfie flash feature that utilizes the device’s display as a flash while clicking selfies in low light conditions. This is also a feature that can be compared to a high-end phone.

However, the Oppo F1 is a selfie expert indeed, as this budget model does not offer great photos from the 13 MP primary camera. However, the picture quality is not bad and is what any standard budget or mid-ranged device would offer, but nowhere close to the picture quality of a high-end phone. The primary camera will keep most of the average photo takers happy with it good quality images. It also offers multiple shooting modes such as ultra HD, beautify, panorama, HDR, filters, GIF, slow shutter, etc.

Additional modes can also be utilized after downloading them from the internet. This will offer access to more helpful shooting modes such as slow-mo, RAW, expert mode, and more to cater to some great photo shooting experience.

Having covered the camera part, let’s take a brief look at the overall smartphone:

Display & Design

The Oppo F1 smartphone flaunts a 5.0 inch touchscreen display with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and 294 pixels per inch. The display is pretty decent and as per the standard of its price range.

Design wise, the phone is really a good looking one. It is stylish and sleek with a metal unibody construction which offers a premium look and feel and is very nice to hold. The good looks come with a touch of sophistication with its semi matte finishing. Its display come with really slim bezels to offer a clean and smart look on the front.


The Oppo F1 comes powered by a Snapdragon 616 processor that comes with the support of 3 GB of RAM. The device offers with an inbuilt storage space of 16 GB storage which can be extended to up to 128 GB via a microSD card. The phone comes with a hybrid Sim slot, which can be used either for a microSD card for a second SIM card depending on the user’s need.

The Oppo F1 runs on a heavily skinned version of the Android operating system, which is called the ColorOS. The ColorOS does have many plus points and offers a user friendly experience. The ColorOS also offers some very good and practical features as well. Nevertheless, Oppo could offer the phones with the stock Android version.


The Oppo F1 which launched in January 2016 is tagged at Rs. 15,990, and is a pretty good buy at this attractive price point.


The Oppo F1 is a pretty impressive smartphone with an affordable price tag. While it offers some very good capabilities, it does not hurt your pocket much. And at this price point, it is certainly the best ‘Selfie Expert’ that you can bag.

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