Record HD Videos under Water with Sony Xperia ZR: An Overview

sony xperia ZR The smart phone manufacturing industry has now turned into a battle field, every day, every time, there is something brewing in the cup to make situation more intense and more magical. Earlier the battle was on as Nokia, Samsung and Apple were launching their products, but after Nokia was toppled below the bars, the war was on between Samsung and Apple and amidst the blue there emerged another company that managed to make a strong stand within the industry, and that was Sony.

After Sony broke its collaboration with Ericsson, the company managed to slowly shimmer in the dark and then emerge as something brighter than ever before, Sony launched a series of handsets under the brand name ‘Xperia’, and the product pushed to the company’s shares in the market to an impeccable scale. The Xperia series were amazing as they were, and then Sony launched the best of Xperia, with the Sony Xperia ZR, a waterproof, dustproof phone that threw the audience off their chairs when the news reached them.

Well, the Sony Xperia ZR, is indeed a wonderful product from Sony, the product has managed to live up to the customer expectations and the fact that the product is water proof and dust proof has brought a new stand for the company in the market. The new feature in the phone has increased the credibility of the company’s technology in the market and people are back to their good old Sony off late.

Underwater Video Recording on the Sony Xperia ZR is an amazing and unforgettable experience is what the users say when asked about it their experience with the underwater recording. This concept of the phone being dustproof and water proof was a breakthrough that had been put forth by Sony. The idea of underwater recording does seem exciting and lively, but then there are a few precautions one has to take while using the phone underwater as at the end of the day it is a device made of electronic circuits and silicon chips, and water will definitely cause problems if not handled carefully.

If you really want to enjoy video recording underwater then go to video recording directly from the phone and get it underwater. Otherwise the interface acts differently when underwater, some random applications will open, and it will be a total haywire on the screen.

If you really want to have a good piece of clip of your Sony Xperia ZR underwater recording, then make sure you have abundant light in the scene. Though the phone is equipped with a LED flash light, it isn’t of any use in this scene and therefore you will have to rely on the other sources of light to make a good underwater video on your Sony Xperia ZR.

Make sure that all the entry points are closed in your cellphone. Yes, it is true that the phone is water proof certified but as mentioned earlier it is a gadget, in any case the water enters to the interior layers of your phone, they the phone is as good as gone.

Another aspect you have to make a note of here is the speaker life. It is water that your phone is coming in contact with. The speakers wouldn’t be running fine immediately after you take it out of the water. And, definitely the speakers wouldn’t work underwater, so don’t force your phone to playback the videos underwater soon as your record them. The water would block the speakers and reduce the output so dry your phones before you take it for a playback.

The touch is insensitive underwater, so do not try to stop your videos underwater, it wouldn’t be of any use. So take the phone out of the water, let the water flow down and then stop the recording, that way you could enjoy the experience better.

Make sure that your battery is full or at least charged to a definite level as the record and the screen playing will drain some amount of battery from your phone and if it is not completely charged then there is a possibility that the recording may stop in between and then you may have to make a dash for a charging point.
The touch gets haywire under water, so make sure you do not activate the photo capture and the video recording as the phone allows it, in case you would want to experiment with this feature then you would end up with tons of images on your memory card and it would be a difficult task cleaning it up.

The audio recording is would be anyways taking a toll with all the water blocking it, so you make sure that your hands are away from the vicinity of the microphone, or you would get no audio your clip to make a memory of your underwater recording experience.
Underwater video recording with the Sony Xperia ZR is one of the best places to make use of its features. The image stabilizer feature of phone could be made best use of here. The feature will reduce the pixel factor and the blur so that the final image quality is restored.

Basically, the all in all experience of the underwater recording with the Sony Xperia ZR, is really good and the overall experience is neat and crisp as said by most of the viewers and the consumers. You will have to take care of the precautions otherwise there could be a possibility that the phone would have to suffer the harsh effects of being under water. So basically, though the phone may be a great invention by Sony, one has to take care of the ill effects as water will definitely cause some damage to the product.

The reviews put forward by most of the consumers, seems to be extremely good and the people are indeed happy with the performance of the phone as it is. The water proof feature of the smart phone is indeed appealing to the masses and the phone has finally made it to one of the best Android phones globally.

The guest article is written by Sanjay Kumar Negi. He is working at – an online portal lists the lowest price of mobiles and tablets in India.

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