Samsung Achieves 40% Share of the Indian Smartphone Market

Samsung is #No. 1 – Brings Confluence of stylish design aesthetics and the best display technology for Indian consumers

Stylish Design with strong aesthetics in smartphones like Galaxy S5, Note 4, Galaxy S4 etc

Metal unibody in devices like Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A3

Smartphones in different screen sizes and modern colours that empower youth to express themselves and meets the personal style and preference of each user

Innovative Curved Screen in Galaxy Note Edge is a masterpiece – Frequently used apps, which are normally displayed at the bottom of home screen on any other Android phone, have been shifted to the edge screen of the Galaxy Note Edge. The USP is that it lets you operate the 5.6-inch large phone with one hand and easily navigate apps with your thumb

Super AMOLED display in its Galaxy Tab S, Note 4 and Galaxy A series – Super AMOLED delivers most advanced and immersive visual experience providing deeper and more realistic images. The technology integrates a capacitive touchscreen layer directly into the display instead of overlaying it on top of the display, as has traditionally been done

And it is because of this stylish design aesthetics and best display technology that Samsung continues to be a clear leader in the Indian smart phones market. As per GfK data, which is based on actual sales, Samsung’s volume market share in the October-December 2014 quarter was 34.3% and the value market share was 35.8%.

According to Asim Warsi, Vice President, Marketing, Mobile business, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. – “In the entire year 2014, we continued to lead the market with innovative and exciting offerings. Our volume market share in the smartphone market in the year was 35.7%, which is more than double than that of the next player, while our value share was 40.2%, which is more than four times the next player. The GfK data is based on actual retail sales in 50,000-plus population cities.

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