Things everyone should consider first before buying a Mobile Phone

Saving up and purchasing the first mobile phone is definitely a big step for anyone. Considering the hard work that has gone into earning the money, choosing the first mobile phone needs to be done after considering everything. Instead of getting carried away by the advertisements and the gimmicks, try to look into the specifications for each model before going for online mobile shopping.

Things everyone should consider first before buying a Mobile Phone

There are several brands of mobile phones that are available for online shopping. Each brand would have their own set of specifications that might be missing in the others. Here are some of the things to think about before buying a mobile phone.

Screen requirements:

The mobile screen forms an integral part of any mobile phone. People have a general notion that bigger and wider screens would be better. But the drawback is that bigger screens consume more power. LCD and LED are two types of screens. LED is considered to be effective than LCD since they consume less power and have a better wider angle. Hence it is wise to consider realistic benefits and choose the apt screen size.


The first and foremost criteria that decide the type of phone is the budget. It is not given that the first ever phone to be purchased needs to be high priced or must have high-end features. There are medium priced and lower-priced phones too having the same features of the high-end mobile phones. Choose from this list carefully and later upgrade to the next model when the time is right.

Keyboard setting:

Some of the phones have the physical thick keypad on the surface of the phone and the others have them on the screens. The QWERTY keypad is the common type and is similar to the keypad in the computer. This keypad is helpful if you are a person who sends lot of mails. However, since the technology of ‘Touch’ is in trend, the majority of the players are launching their mobiles with touch keyboard instead of QWERTY.


A mobile phone can never function without a proper and durable battery. Check out those phones that come with an extended battery life. This comes handy in cases of emergencies. Extended battery life ensures that you do not have to plug in the charger the minute the battery goes below critical. It is also not advisable to buy phones that have lesser battery life than the others since it seriously affects the performance of the phone.

Camera specification:

Choose a phone that has better pixel specifications for the camera. This is because one cannot simply carry the regular camera around the way they carry their mobile phones. Consult the people around with the same model mobile phone that you are looking for. Take a look at the pictures that they have captured using the phone. Compare the camera quality before choosing one

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