Your iPhone 6 absolutely needs these Apps

Your iPhone 6 absolutely needs these AppsApple is back in the game with its latest offering of two dynamic and unmatchable phones- the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple had been struggling to catch up with Samsung for a while now but at the end of Q4, Apple had surpassed the sale of Samsung. Samsung lost its title of being the world leader in smart phones for the first time since 2011.

Apple sold close to 75 million models which is a huge number making it the undisputed leader. If you own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, here are a few apps you absolutely must download from the App Store to make your phone truly unmatchable:

Sky Guide

If you’ve always had an interest in astronomy and stargazing, this app makes your dream come true. This is a one of its kind app with a very elegant and interactive user interface. It gives in-depth knowledge and let you know all the facts you need to know about the night sky. It also gives you added information of when the sun, planets and moon set and rise which is really nifty information for the inside Copernicus in you.

Google Translate

This app is packed with new and optimized functionality and you can now easily translate not just speech but text as well. You can also hear the app translate your text back to you in the language you want. What more- next time you want into an authentic Chinese/ Thai restaurant or are in a foreign land and are unable to decipher the text- just scan it into the Google Translate and watch how it translates it back. It can even work with handwritten text if it’s well written.

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This is a great app that redefines how you use your keyboard. With various skins to play around with, now you can save yourself the bother of having to type out each word with its highly accurate predictive text feature and it also memorises words you write in your local vernacular. It also helps you write by swiping your finger across the keyboard which you can personalise any time you want.


Cashing in on the big screen size of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and this app really brings out the beauty of having a bigger screen. This app provides you a larger canvas to manoeuvre with and better specs to view and edit your videos. This acts as a great video recorder and editor and now use the power of your phone to shoot great movies and edit them with this amazing app.

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This is one of the greatest calculator apps available with an amazing display and a great user interface optimised just for Apple’s big screen. You can now run major functions like square root, under-root, major trigonometric functions as well as other important mathematical calculations all under one app. You can also perform conversions with ease.

Now get the best apps on the best Apple phone to make it your pride. Apple always aims at making the users life simplified but it does so with class and sophistication and these apps from the App Store will totally get you addicted to your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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