Phablets: Are they Just another Fad or are they here to stay?

Phablets are the latest gadgets to hit the shelves in the mobile department. The word, ‘Phablet’ is a portmanteau of two words- Phone and Tablet. In the beginning, there were smartphones which revolutionized the mobile phone industry with their bigger screens and much better hardware. They were followed by tablets which took the game to the next level with even bigger screens and slightly better hardware. Phablets however have not generated that big a stir as its predecessors. There are reasons for that, starting with the fact that there is not much appreciable difference between this latest genre of gadgets and the ones that inspired it.

What are Phablets?

Smartphones generally come in a size between 3 to 5 inches. Many of them now possess 1080p full HD display and processors churning out more than 1 GHz in terms of speed. Tablets also have these features but boast of a ridiculous screen size which is greater than 7 inches. The so-called phablets fall into the grey area between these two devices having a screen size between 5 to 7 inches. This is the only feature that separates phablets from the smartphones and tablets. Apart from the screen size there is nothing in these devices that makes it stand out in a world filled to the brim with a wide array of mobile devices. Phablets

Is there any Necessity for Phablets?

A phablet’s screen size is the only selling point that it possesses. Since it is smaller in size compared to a tablet, it is easier to carry around than a tablet which tends to be bulky. Due to it being bigger than a phone, tying, reading and other multimedia based tasks become much more pleasurable. Many people find carrying a tablet and a smartphone
at the same time too much of a hassle and this is where a phablet truly shines in all its glory. Phablets combine the best of both the mobile devices and becomes a great device rising from the pits of mediocrity. It has a bigger screen and the portability of a phone along with the latest Operating Systems found in any tablet or smartphone. This is what makes the phablets click with a large crowd and is borne out the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, the first ‘phablet’ to be launched.

The Future of Phablets and the Mobile Industry

Even though the phablet genre has seen quite a number of sales happening and some new models are being launched, it is a drop in the ocean when compared to the huge number of smartphones and tablets being sold every day. Phablets have definitely carved a niche for themselves but there is still a lot of confusion regarding the exact definition of it and in fact the word ‘phablet’ is not even an official title. Due to these problems it is hard to make an accurate prediction as to the future of these devices and their fate lies in the hands of the customers. For the present moment there are customers opting for the gadgets but it is anybody’s guess as to how long this trend will last.

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