Buy India-Pak semi final tickets in Black only in Rs 1 lakh

cricket-world-cup-2011online-tickAll cricket enthusiasts are ready to do any thing for India and Pakistan world cup semi final match tickets.During this cricket fever All good and wrong way taken by Cricket fans to get the India-Pakistan Semifinal Match tickets. All this Cricket fever makes Black tickets marketers to get killing amount for a single Ticket.
Those who bought tickets earlier are trying to sell them in the black market since people are ready to dole out “an unprecedented” amount for tickets.
And if you want to buy the tickets of this grand semi final you have to pay double amount as any normal match of world cup you can imagine that that tickets priced at Rs 10,000 were being sold for about Rs 50,000.
The tickets worth Rs 15,000 are attracting bids of about Rs 1 lakh each. The student block tickets priced at Rs 250 are commanding a price of up to Rs 5,000 while the huge demand has escalated the chair block tickets worth Rs 500 each to Rs 10,000.
But If you want to link that provide you but tickets in Legal way log on but we hope that the price range will be little more than what is there for the league matches i.e Rs. 625 for VIP block to Rs. 6250 for South Bloch AC lounge

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