Basic YouTube keyboard shortcuts list

There is some basic Keyboard shortcuts used during watching video on youtube. Sometime this keyboard shortcut work  faster in compare of mouse events.

These shortcuts work when you open a new video, without needing to click anything in the player.

  • J – Jump back 10 seconds.
  • K – Toggles play/pause.
  • L – Jump forward 10 seconds.
  • M – Mutes the audio.

The following shortcuts may only work once you’ve clicked somewhere on the player (play, pause, volume, etc).

  • Left/right arrows – Rewind or fast-forward 5 seconds.
  • Up/down arrows – Volume control.
  • Numerals 1 through 9 – Skip to 10%-90%, respectively.
  • Home – Jump to start of video.
  • End – Jump to end of video.
  • F – Enter fullscreen mode.
  • Esc – Exit fullscreen mode.

Do you have another shortcut to add to the list? Share it in the comments.

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