Dot-com domain Celebrating Its Silver Jubilee


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internet,Dot com domainIn Internet world  most effective domain .com now celebrating its 25 birthday, In march 15,1985 the first name with name Symbolics computers of Cambridge, Massachusetts get registered in this Domain .

Five others took the plunge that year and bought a domain name, with the BBC suggesting that another 199 million or so have been registered since. Around 86 million of those are still active as internet sites.
Who would have guessed?

Mark McLaughlin, CEO of .com domain controllers Verisign, said: "Who would have guessed 25 years ago where the internet would be today and the number of businesses that have been built on it."

With 668,000 dot com sites registered every month, they have become part of the fabric of our lives.

The future

An estimated 1.7 billion people – one quarter of the world’s population – now use the Internet.

Verisign’s Mr. McLaughlin only sees that figure growing over the next quarter of a century.

At the moment Verisign logs 53 billion requests for websites – not just dot com – every day, about the same number handled for all of 1995.

"We expect that to grow in 2020 to somewhere between three and four quadrillion," Mr. McLaughlin told BBC News.

One quadrillion is 1,000 billion.


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