Easy ways to file an Income tax return on Internet

As the date of filling Tax return comes near, Here are some apps and website you can find on the internet which can assist you for this process, these apps and websites are ideal to get to your tax queries answered and help you to file your returns. With the format of filling tax having changed this year, these apps will save you the hassle of looking for a CA at the last minute. just log in, follow the instruction and let these do the needfull.

Cleartax is the most famous website where you can get the answer about every query related to Taxation, here you can upload your form 16 and follow the steps mention on the site. This website tells you to e-file your returns or get a CA to file your tax return on income from various sources such as rent, capital gains freelance or income from investments.It also handy for businessmen and independeny professionals to read about the rules of GST, file their taxes and keep a track of their returns.

Aakyar Satu: Aaykar Setu is the income tax department official app that provides various servicess of the department on a single platform. Some of the handy features of the App are Ask IT- a chatbot that provides answers to your tax queries. It locates nearby tax offices too, does a quick calculation like HRA, etc, pay taxes online. You can also apply for PAN online. There is also a section named ‘Tax Gyaan’ a game that enables users to learn about income tax by playing multiple-choice questions. It provides useful knowledge about filing taxes.

Incometax Calculator:

This calculates tax and salary deduction with detailed tax calculation and offers explanations based on the latest Indian tax rates. This calculator is for salaried individuals. It allows the user to create, update or delete tax record and the final tax record summary can be shared via email. The section named gratuity calculator will help you in calculating the gratuity amount

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