Google Introduce Machine Learning and AI learning platform

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is the next vertical for the tech industry and people around the world keen to know about the technology and their use case in real world. Looking this, tech giant already shows their presence in this domain.
Google recently introduced “Learn with Google AI” — a set of educational resources developed by Machine Learning (ML) experts at the company, for people to learn about concepts, develop skills and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to real-world problems.
“Learn with Google AI” comes with existing content as well as the new Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC).
“We believe it’s important that the development of AI reflects as diverse a range of human perspectives and needs as possible. So, Google AI is making it easier for everyone to learn ML by providing a huge range of free, in-depth educational content,” Zuri Kemp, Programme Manager for Google’s machine learning education, said in a statement.
“This is for everyone — from deep ML experts looking for advanced developer tutorials and materials, to curious people who are ready to try to learn what ML is in the first place,” Kemp added.

The course contains all useful material which has been prepared by Google’s engineering education team more than 18,000 Googlers have enrolled in MLCC so far and create quality material like video on machine learning, interactive visualizations illustrating ML concepts, coding exercises TensorFlow APIs and a focus that teaches how practitioners implement ML in the real world

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