LinkedIn is now more than a business & employment social network

LinkedIn is now more than a business & employment social network We all know that LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking site. It was launched in the year 2003. It is a business-oriented site that lets you find other business associates, clients, and colleagues whom you already know. LinkedIn is a place to post a resume, create a professional profile, asking and answering business questions and to extend the network. But do you know that now LinkedIn is also used by the people to get new email alerts when a new employee joins the same company or a competitor company?

For this, you have to set up people alert on LinkedIn and they will send you an email when a new employee joins the company you are searching about. To start this feature lets open the LinkedIn website, click the search box, type the name of the specified company and choose the “people search” option from the autocomplete list.

On the search results page, expand the Locations section and check the regions that you would like to track. You can select the country name, city, geographic region or even make multiple selections.

After that click on  “Create Search Alert” button and LinkedIn will send you a weekly email which will contain the list of all profiles of those employees that have joined the specified company in that week. The service will depend on the employee joining the company and he would have to update their existing profile for LinkedIn to know that they have made the move.

Reasons why LinkedIn is more than just a social network:

  • LinkedIn has a growing number of professionals. According to Forbes, LinkedIn has now more the 330 million members. The number itself is enough proof that you’re missing a huge amount of connections, industry influencers that you’ve haven’t met and engaged with by using Facebook.
  • LinkedIn is a fabulous resource for companies in the B2B arena.  We know that people buy from people they know or at least trust.  LinkedIn uses individual’s networks to build on this basic human behavior.  The results for businesses can be remarkable. Plus by having company pages you are able to highlight your company’s products, services and unique position in the market. Here’s how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • Human resources, scouts and head hunters spend a lot of time scouring their next big rock star in LinkedIn. If you think you are great at what you do, do showcase your skills, achievements, and portfolio by creating a profile of your own. You may land the best job and get the best offer yet for your skillset.
  • LinkedIn uses groups to add a level of engagement that is more fun and encourages connecting! Join a  group that shares the same interest and passion with you. Better yet, find groups that your potential clients enjoy and engage them in conversation. You can raise a quick Q&A within your group or share a relevant experience that the group will benefit from.
  • Got a website or blog?  LinkedIn is a great platform to share and promote your blogs, business, and your services. Make sure to craft a high-quality, informative article to share and ask for help to make it go viral. Shares and article views could reach millions. Simply do the math. They used to say that I had several million 3rd degree connections in my network.


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