Voice Navigation On Firefox Using Firesay Addon

Firesay addon of firefox Now the time is over when user required to type on search engine for searching any things Now Technology enable us to give only voice command for searching for that you don’t required to load any system related software, you Add an add-on in your firefox that’s cool,yes FireSay is new add-on from firefox, which brings hands-free voice controls to just the browser.
After Installing this add-on, it can pick up voice commands to do Web searches, open and close sites.The number of commands, and sites users can visit is extremely limited for the time being. You can, for instance, only open up a handful of Web sites and TV shows, as long as they’re in the list of those that have been programmed in. Though the add-on is able to recognize and transcribe voice commands for its Web search feature. The add-on also requires that the user is on Windows 7, leaving XP, Vista, and Mac OS users behind.

Firesay’s creators say future versions will bring voice recognition that is more easily able to pull out words from a noisy room. To some degree, Google has gotten around this problem on the mobile side by making use of noise cancellation hardware on the phone and software algorithms within the Android OS. On the desktop side of things, Firesay is simply suggesting that users invest in a microphone with noise cancellation built-in.
you can download firesay here


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