Amazon Cloud Drive your personal Storage for any thing.

amazon_cloud_driveAfter Microsoft and Dropbox Amazon also Introduce Cloud based storage, Amazon Cloud Drive, a digital storage service that serves as your locker for any kind of digital file. you can store videos, documents, MP3 songs and just about any file you can think of. This service by Amazon has many facilities for Music lover or we say the cloud service give too mush for All music lover and this Music attention make Amazon different from their competitor.

You also can stream the music live from your the Cloud Drive to your Android-based smartphone via a free Amazon MP3 application. Amazon offers 5 gigabytes of storage free. Just register on Amazon’s website, and you instantly open up your virtual bin. Not only does Amazon give you the first 5 gigabytes free, but if you buy an album from Amazon’s MP3 store, that limit shoots up to 20 gigabytes for free for a year. And any digital music you buy from Amazon is automatically stored in your cloud storage but doesn’t count toward whatever your Cloud Drive limit is.
The interface is easy to use. After installing two programs — one to upload and another to download files — you simply click on the “Upload to your Cloud Drive” button and select the files to send to the cloud. There is a 2-gigabyte limit for each file.
And the Android application allows you to stream the music either using Wi-Fi or a 3G connection. It also will play your playlists, and the music can be organized by songs, albums, genres and artists. It also graciously transfers all the album art, too.
So far, the service doesn’t work for Apple iOS devices like the iPhone, though Amazon likely will put out an application for those players soon.

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