Google releases Hindi input app for Android smartphones

google android hindi typing  There is good news for all Hindi lover. Google has just released a new app called Google Hindi input app which allows users to type in Hindi on their Android smartphones.

Now Android user can update their profile, Compose emails in Hindi also. But before using this app it is necessary that your Smartphone support Hindi reading. For instance, if you can read  नमस्ते as is correctly on your phone, then go ahead and install the app Google Hindi. The app also allows Hindi transliteration.

step for typing  in hindi:
• Toggle the button “a->अ” on English keyboard to turn on/off transliteration mode.

• In the transliteration mode, you can type Hindi word in English characters and the app will convert them to Hindi.

• By turning off the transliteration mode on English keyboard, you can type in English.

Typing in Hindi keyboard

google hindi typing app

• Toggle the globe button to switch between English and Hindi keyboard.

• Consonants are alphabetically ordered into 2 pages. Press the paging button “1/2” “2/2” to navigate between pages. Long press the character key to select various forms in the popup.

In addition to providing a regular Hindi keyboard (below, right) which takes up multiple pages of letters, this app also offers a transliteration keyboard. For the layman, transliteration involves converting text from one character set to another, though not actually translating the words themselves. What this means is that bilingual speakers can type Hindi words using English characters and the words will appear in the Devanagari script. For example, type “namaste” and you’ll see “नमस्ते.”

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