Goolge launch PowerMeter

In our daily life electric consumption is limit less we doesn’t think about it we only know how we consume that Is we don’t know our house hold is more or less energy efficient than similar homes in your neighborhood?
Its nearly impossible to make informed choices about electricity. This is a problem but also a huge opportunity for us all to save money and help the environment by reducing our power usage. Studies show that access to your household’s personal energy information is likely to save you 5–15% on your monthly bill Even greater savings are possible if you use this information.powermeter
Now for that goolge made there effort they launching there power meter that are helping enable a future where access to personal electricity information helps everyone make smarter energy choices. Google PowerMeter shows consumers their electricity consumption in a secure Google gadget.The Google PowerMeter software will analyses the consumption information captured by “smart meters”, and translate it into easy-to-understand information to help people see where they could cut back.Users will be able to monitor the PowerMeter through their computers and other web-enabled devices using a special widget embedded on their personalised i Google homepage.. Today they are testing the product with utility partners in the US, India and Canada. they also plan to expand the rollout of Google PowerMeter later this year.[eminimall]

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