Have you get Fake Google+ Invites

google +,Beware Of Fake Google+ InvitesGoogle + is Create hype in market and you can join it only by invitation only, So with this Google + joining constraint give opportunity to scammers, So don’t be surprised when you get Google + invite, it may be scammer, report by a security agency.
The invites appear very authentic, but the sender is not really a Google+ member, rather some scammer associated with one of the many online pharmacy websites. Clicking on the Learn more about Google+ link will not take you to the Google+ signup page, but will land you at one of the shady online pharmacy websites set up to sell Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. With Google+ trending heavily worldwide, and some even selling invites for the same on e-bay at US$ 75, it is hard for anyone to not fall prey to such scams.

The next time you receive a Google+ invite, make sure you check what URL the link in the mail actually points to.

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