How I know about unauthorized access of my Wi-Fi network

How I know about unauthorized access of my Wi-Fi networkIf you have a Wi-fi network in your home or office and you already secure your Wi-fi network. But may sometime happen that somebody stealing your wireless bandwidth. It’s easy to check by examining your router’s admin page, but that’s hard to do with any frequency. For this Wireless Network Watcher is a free Windows app that tells you whenever new connections are made.
Wireless Network Watcher is a free, lightweight app that pings when a new connection is made to your network.

Here’s how to use Network Watcher:

1. Download Wireless Network Watcher.

2. Run the app. You may want to set Windows to run it automatically on booting if you find it handy, but for now, just fire it up.

3.The first time you run it, you need to set it to alert you. Just click “Options,” then select “Beep On New Device” and “Background Scan.”
Step 3: Set Wireless Network Watcher options.

4.Next, press the “Start Scanning” button or hit F5. New connections will trigger an alert tone.


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